About FitStudioZ

We're just as passionate about where we're going as much as where we came from. To learn more about FitStudioZ, our mission, our brand and our key principles. Please refer below.

Personal Training In Private Booths.-7.png
Personal Training In Private Booths.-7.png


FitStudioZ's doors first flung open in Greenwich, April 2018. Instantly gaining traction and leaving the existing archaic 'solutions' shook.

Founder; Sebastian Ferrari, with his passion and drive reflected FitStudioZ's promise; here to revolutionise the industry for the better.

Soon to be recognised by industry leaders such as Future Fit and Insure 4 Sport, FitStudioZ began to gain awards and recognition which is the wave of momentum we still ride today. 

The FitStudioZ concept comprises of a retail unit with a number of 'booths' (typically four). Each booth is rented on an hourly basis to Personal Trainers, enabling them to work in private with their clients. Personal Trainers move between locations during their working day and, as their clients do not wish to travel far, we aim to assist by ensuring FitStudioZ can offer multiple booths in various locations.

We promise that Personal Trainers who use FitStudioZ are always charged more fairly than at other locations. This way of working is at present, unique in the UK fitness industry and, naturally, has proven attractive to Personal Trainers. With a growing brand supported by our tried and tested methods, FitStudioZ is constantly looking for the next location to open and next trainer to assist.

Meanwhile we endeavour to bring maximum value back to Personal Training for the Clients. Offering a truly personal touch where the Client gains their Trainer's undivided attention at all times. 


Our Pillars

FitStudioZ core value is to offer the best solution for Personal Trainers and their Clients within the Fitness Industry. Solely offering this one service within the entire Fitness Sector means we are able to continuously develop and innovate in an agile and prompt fashion. 


The principles or better known pillars, are considered in every decision made. Whether it's a simple equipment upgrade to the latest marketing strategy. Never overlooking these principles is the glue that holds the brand together.



Our brand can always be depended on. Our community can trust us to take action and make decisions with both the Trainers and Clients in mind.


Trainers and Clients will always know they can call on our support in anyway we can offer. From business support to first time in a gym; our support will always be incomparable to any other. 


We celebrate every person that steps through our doors. We offer gratitude for their confidence in our brand and recognise everyone as an integral part to our success. We love health and fitness and the results everybody achieves; whether it's the Trainer's business booming or the Client's personal best being smashed out the park!