Are you a Personal Trainer?

  1. This is the  establishment just for you!

  2. Rent a booth by the hour and deliver truly personal services to your clients

  3. All booths are fully resourced with all you need to deliver a full personal training session

  4. No minimum term 

  5. No floor time

  6. No monthly commitment

  7. Free cancelations with 12 hours notice

  8. Free advertising on our platform

  9. Open from 6am - 11pm 7 days a week

  10. From £12 per hour


Come visit us now and get started immediately

Images from our facilities

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Booth 3
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Booth 4
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Booth 6
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Booth 6
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Private Changing Rooms and Showers
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Booths 1 and 2
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Pricing - Earls Court

Pricing is adjusted automatically every week based on the hours you deliver

1 -15 hours a week


15 hours a week


20 hours week


25 hours a week


How Does It All Work?


Call us or email us and come check out the facilities.


Sign up online, fill in the direct debit form, and download the app for access to the studio


Set up your public profile and increase your business


You are billed every Sunday after you have delivered your sessions for the week and money is collected by direct debit 10 days later. 


Send through your insurance and personal training certificate


Start making bookings online 


You can cancel your bookings with 12 hours notice and you can chance the time of your booking for the same day up to 10 mins before


3 - 5 Woolwich Road, Greenwich. London, SE10 0RA

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