Secrets to a ‘guilt-free’ holiday:

So you’ve trained day in day out for the last few months, fighting with those stubborn pounds.

But how do you enjoy your holiday whilst not loosing your gains?

How to avoid coming home only to feel like you have to start over again?

Rule number one; don’t stress! Stress releases a hormone called cortisone. This hormone has been seen to increase fat stores in the body, especially around the hips!

You’ve worked hard and you’re on holiday! You need to rest both mentally and physically, with rest comes results! Your body can recharge ready for you to continue your training on your return.

As much as I’d love to say, eat what you want, do what you want, it’s only 1-2 weeks away. You will start to notice unsavoury changes in your body if you’re not paying attention. Main reason being is that you’re in trunks/bikini 90% of the time, unlike back at home. The changes you’ll experience are just the same as back home, however, more noticeable.

The changes you can expect are bloating, water retention and lethargy. The bloating will come from the foods you may not usually eat, such as bigger breakfasts. The water retention will come from the climate you’re in. It’s hot, hydrate like a crazy person. Sitting in the pool doesn’t count and nor does sitting in the bar! Aim for at least 2 litres of water each day.

The lethargy is your body adjusting to island life, less stress and adrenaline pumping through the body. This one is a little harder to shake and can reduce the rate of your metabolism if not seen to.

You’re inevitably going to eat big meals and drink strong drinks, it’s a holiday! To help your body and maintain your hard work follow this quick workout which you can do before jumping into your morning routines.

It’ll take 15mins, but it’ll burn fat throughout the day and make you feel as great as you did on day one!

10-20 Squats

10-20 Lunges

10-20 crunches

10-20 elbow drops

30-60s plank

repeat 3 times

The key to this workout is to fatigue your larger muscle groups. That’ll in turn have the greatest effects possible on metabolism and fat burning from a short workout.