How to choose the right Personal Trainer

Typing Personal Trainer into Google will give you hundreds of results, depending on location, most of which are no doubt very capable trainers.

However, your goals are specific to you and that means you’ll need to find a trainer that can adapt accordingly!

Every trainer will have their own unique approach, you’ll need to determine which you want, such as;

1: Training style;

- Low Impact and Steady

- High Impact and Intense

2: Training category;

- Strength and Conditioning

- Pre/Post Natal

- Fat Loss

- Muscle Gain

- Mental Health

3: Training schedule;

- Times per week

- am or pm

4: Duration;

- Lead up to holiday

- 6,8,12 week programme

- Foreseeable future

Once you know these answers you’ll be able to narrow down the trainer for you.

Make Contact:

The next step is touch base with them. The more you can provide on the initial introduction, the more likely you are to make the right choice first time around.

Book a consultation, most consultations are FREE, this is when you get to meet the trainer face to face. They’ll take you through a taster session and demonstrate what they feel would be the best training approaches to achieving your goals.

Following this there should be no obligation to commit. The decision is entirely yours should you want to proceed and if so, how many sessions.

It is worth noting that most trainers are unable to give a refund once payment is made. This is a generic term and unless spoken of prior, something that should be noted. Furthermore most trainers ask for 24hr cancellation notice to avoid being charged. It gives them time to try and cover the slot with another client.

Always question the process:

Throughout your journey your trainer is there to help, guide and educate. They can’t read minds and are unable to tell if you’re resenting a particular workout or if you feel a plateau coming.

By appointing a trainer you are signing up a teammate, who’s there to ensure you’re getting the best possible results, this is achieved with teamwork!

The lead up and the first session is a daunting process, but one that you will not regret! Get started now!

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