Do I need a gym routine?

Force of habit, for most, is to stumble into the gym and repeatedly jump on the treadmill for 20 minutes, grab a pair of dumbbells and do 20 reps. Followed by a quick abs session before headed home and having dinner.

This is why results are lacking and frustration is increasing. You need to have a plan of action directly related to your goals. This plan of action will include progressions and alterations as you go along. Without tracking your progress it’s difficult to progress!

Don’t overthink it either, you don’t have to follow a ‘leg day’ then a ‘chest day’ etc. Every programme is built around you and the time you’re able to commit. You need to have a good balance between;

1- Cardiovascular Training

2- Weight Training

3- Nutrition

Cardiovascular Training –

Vital for heart health, muscular endurance and fat loss, cardio should never be neglected. There are loads of alternatives to cardio than just spending 20 minutes on a treadmill. Try these alternatives;

· Skipping

· Box Jumps

· Hill Sprints/Walks

· Tabata

· Boxing

Weight Training-

It won’t make you bulky! Eliminate the myth that if you lift weights you WILL get big and bulky. There are different methods to lifting weights to achieving particular outcomes. Such as;

· Heavy weight low reps – Muscle Growth

· Light weight high reps – Muscle Endurance

Lifting weights improves allsorts from heart health, reduces depression and more muscle burns more calories! A specific programme can be set to hit any goals, from a bigger bum to bigger biceps.


Nutrition should never be overlooked! A night in the gym isn’t a free-pass to a pizza on the sofa. Tracking your nutritional intake is as crucial as your workouts.

Your body thrives off the food you eat as it’s the fuel for your body. Give it bad resources and it’ll reciprocate bad results!

The basics -

· Calorific deficit – weight loss (both fat and muscle)

· Calorific surplus – weight gain (both fat and muscle)

· Carbs – fuel your body with energy

· Protein – supports muscle growth and repair

· Fat – store energy and can reduce cholesterol

A simple nutrition plan is the best to follow. Keeping it basic but varied also will help the body get a varied intake of useful nutrients to help with your goals.

It’s important to remember it’s a nutrition plan, not a diet! Diet assumes an ending, this is a lifestyle plan, adapted around your daily doings. Including drinking and eating pizza! They all have their merits.

Get Logging-

So get a pen and paper and start taking notes after every workout and meal. What you did, how you felt after and how hard it was. Can you progress and when?

Looking back can be hugely motivating and looking forward is a lot less daunting!

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