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Your Body, the Way You Want It

Struggling to keep up with training commitment? 


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Get the results you want with the help of a personal trainer



Select one of our packages and book your free consultation now. We will find the best Personal Trainer available and confirm your booking instantly.

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Browse through the Personal Trainers offering services in Greenwich and Earl's Court and book a consultation directly with them.

* Personal trainers respond within 24 hours. Payment is made direct to the trainer and there is no additional cost for the booth.

Studies have repeatedly proven that getting results with the support of a Personal Trainer is significantly higher to training on your own.   We have all been there you know you need to do something you want to start physical training but just don't know where to start.   


The vast majority of people that have used a personal trainer report that within 3 weeks they could feel the difference, in 6 weeks they could see the difference and in 9 weeks they could hear the difference as others start noticing. 


Sounds good?  So how does one get started? 


First you need to find a personal trainer.  You can browse through the personal trainer profiles on our website or select a package, let us know what you would like to achieve and we will match you to one of our fitness professionals. 


What happens next? 


The first time you meet your trainer is a free consultation session.  At this stage there is no commitment from your side.  You will have the opportunity to discuss with your trainer your needs and your goals.  There will probably be some light physical exercise involve as your trainer assesses your fitness levels.  Some people are intimidated by this thought.  You shouldn't.  Your trainer is not there to judge you they actually are motivated and driven by wanting to help you achieve your goals.   


Once you are happy you will agree how many sessions you want to hold per week.  If you are a beginner 2-3 sessions a week is recommended to get you started on the right path and in any case anything over 4 sessions a week is probably over the top unless you are an athlete. 


Your Personal Trainer will set up a programme bespoke to your needs, goals and personal fitness levels. In addition to your training sessions your personal trainer will give you dietary advice, and educate you on activities you can do between your sessions.  They are likely to contact you between your sessions to check in with you and are always happy to answer your questions.


You are always in control


The period for which you hold personal training sessions depends completely on you.  Perhaps you just need some help to get started and educated on how to train correctly to achieve the best results. Or you might want to achieve results for a special occasion like a wedding or a summer holiday.  In any case there is no automatic renewal with personal training.  You choose how many sessions to have, when to have them and how often to renew. 


You will be paying your personal trainer directly. Most trainers will offer packages of 5, 10 or 20 sessions.  


Ready to get started?