Getting Started was the hardest part

My personal story of how exercising with a Personal Trainer helped me transform my life starts about a year go.


I realised I had some 18kg over and above what I wanted, my sleep was awful, was always tired and the final straw was when I realised I could not keep up with my 5 year old in the park. 

I had tried:

- joining the gym - and failed after months of unused membership and no results training on my own.

- tried diets online - and they seemed to work short term but quickly rolled back to bad habits

- supplements - failed from “go”

My life involved a stressful city job, bad eating habits, high levels of stress and no exercising other than a brief walk to work.  Without the metabolism I enjoyed in my 20s I was putting on a 1 kilo each month that went by. 


One day I decided to take a big step.  I booked myself a free consultation with a personal trainer at FitStudioZ.   I was terrified and although I am not the type to write long emails on online forms I went to town explaining how I had never trained before, I was overweight and totally uncoordinated.   I did this as in my mind I thought I would come across this young fit person and I wanted there to be no misunderstanding.  I needed help and I could no do what they did. 


With my consultation instantly booked I was now really looking forward to experiencing personal training and doing something to change my lifestyle.   The personal trainer contacted me within the same day via email and introduced themselves.  He also put me at ease by telling me he went through the same transformation some years ago.  


Going into FitStudioZ all my fears disappeared.  This was not a gym, there were private booths fully equipped with all needed for an amazing session.  I didn’t have to worry about being watched, waiting for equipment and more importantly stressed of finishing my set so that the next person could jump on the equipment. 

The first two weeks were really hard.  I don’t think I have ever sweat as much in my life.  The first time I trained and got home and slept for two hours.  It transpired that I was totally dehydrated.  My personal trainer gave me a nutrition plan that was really easy to follow, with loads of options and so simple.  Once a week I was allowed to eat anything I wanted.   I remember after two weeks I had like 5 donuts on my “cheat day” and I haven’t been able to have any since.  For some reason it all became a circular situation, the better I ate the better I trained.  This became a huge motivating factor to changing my eating habits. 


After three weeks of training I could feel the results I was sleeping better, was happier and was really keen to continue.  


After four weeks others started to notice, and mention how I had lost weight. 


After six weeks everyone I came across kept on telling me how great I looked and asking me how I did it.  


My personal trainer kept me motivated, gave me sets of exercises to do when on holidays or in between sessions and was always there to answer questions and to help me. 


Now a year later I have increased my training on my own and still see my personal training twice a week to make sure my routine doesn’t get boring.  


Now I am 18kg lighter, I am spending more time with my now two sons, I feel healthier, happier, my sleep has greatly improved, I am always energised.

So looking back I have only one regret.  Why or why did I not start earlier. 


Whatever journey you chose, I really wish you the absolute best.  Remember you are stronger than you think and you deserve the best.