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There is no right or wrong time to get a trainer. Meanwhile the reasons behind choosing to get a trainer also vary tenfold! 

Reasons can be as obvious as an upcoming wedding or holiday - to posture correction or mental health. 

Whether you're in your local gym every morning and hit a plateau, or you've never even joined a gym. A Personal Trainer is there to support your through your fitness journey and level up. 

You call the shots and tell the trainer what you're after. Meanwhile the trainer is there to ensure you get there and even exceed said goals. Achieving them safely, efficiently and educating you along the way. 

They can help you with accountability, day to day nutrition and set programs to follow out of the time you're with them. 

Having a trainer doesn't have to be a longterm commitment; although alot of clients stick longterm. They can set themselves a 12 week schedule with their trainer and then part ways once they feel confident in achieving their goals on their own. 

A Personal Trainer will always give you variety and ensure you're getting the most out of every session. 

Putting the 'PERSONAL' back in 

Rest assured that training at FitStudioZ is incomparable to any other gym you have been to. 

First of all you're greeted by one of the STAR trainers that represent the StudioZ. They greet you with a beaming smile; this is their passion, this is what they love and they can't wait to get you just as hooked as they are!

Once greeted by your trainer, you're guided straight to YOUR private booth. Where the next hour is solely about YOUR targets, YOUR results and YOUR programme. 

All the equipment you and your trainer could ever need is at hand. 



Fair question! 

Nobody else has done a PT Studio quite like us, so explaining the unknown is always expected.


We bring the 'Personal' back to Personal Training.

Offering private spaces to train with everything you could possibly need and more! From cables to bikes, treadmills to racks. You have it all at your disposal. 


Nobody else will be using your space at the time you've booked it for.  

On the move...

Each of our centres boast Monsoon showers, GHD hair straighteners and dryers and a private changing area. 

So rest assured if you've got to dash to the office or head straight for a night out in town. You can freshen up and head straight out!

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Getting started couldn't be easier! 

1. You can select a block of sessions straight off the website. With payment being taken after meeting your trainer. Set the time you want to get started and you're good to go! The trainer will be ready and waiting.

2. You can select a specific PT and book a session with them. You're able to scroll through the various profiles and see which trainer best suits your goals. 

Each option comes with a

FREE no olbigation consultation.


The consultation is an opportunity for you to tell the trainer your fitness ambitions and any conditions you may have. The trainer will then demonstrate what they feel would be the best approach into achieving your goals.


Every trainer is different in their approach; however we recommend you arrive in workout gear. There's a good chance they will give you a very easy taster into the the exercises they feel are best suited to your goals.